New Retail

What is New Retail?

It’s the new normal of retail – a world where the old norms and way of doing things no longer satisfy the needs of today’s customer. A world that is led by the CUSTOMER, underpinned and supported by TECHNOLOGY and operates in a truly GLOBAL & BORDERLESS environment.

NORA is passionate about the wellbeing, prosperity and development of Australian retail. Our goal is to help strengthen and champion the Australian retail industry. We are unique in that our membership is a broad and inclusive one – we champion retailers and the key enablers and partners that support them. What unites us is a common desire to play a role in shaping the future of New Retail; a future that is customer-centric, technology-led and borderless.

We believe retail is not just about the business that sells you a product. It’s also about the businesses and people that helped get that t-shirt onto our shores and into your shopping bag. It’s about the agency that designed the brand and the advertising. The firm that helped that business owner manage funding, legal, cashflow and capital. The people who built the website. The business that fitted out the store. The bank that manages your transaction. 

NORA is the vision of our Chairman, Paul Greenberg, and our founding board of successful New Retailers also affectionately known as the ‘grandfather of Australian online retail’. We aim to be a catalyst for collaboration, in which New Retail members can grow together and reimagine the future.

We know the landscape of retail has changed dramatically – and it is our belief this industry will continue to grow and redefine itself. NORA believes we can play a role in shaping this new future – and in helping Australian retail propel itself into this reimagined future.


A message from Paul Greenberg

“NORA, The Voice of New Retail in Australia has at its core, a passionate commitment to the wellbeing, prosperity and development of Australian retail. This at a time when the pace of change in retail is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. Competition is intensifying and shifting to new arenas, and consumers are rapidly evolving their approach to purchase decisions. Australian retail stands on the cusp of a powerful renaissance driven by an increasingly global and borderless retail, powerful technology advances on all fronts, and a deep customer centricity. However the risk of inactivity will have deeply deleterious consequences, and NORA stands ready to advocate for this new retail.

The seeds of NORA’s formation are deeply personal for me. I was a pioneer of so called ‘online retail’. I co-founded DealsDirect, Australia’s first online discount department store in 2004. I found myself leading a business, through challenging times, but more so frustrated there was no industry association or collective that could support me on my journey. It was during that time that the seeds were planted – my passion to one day lead an association that was forward facing, dynamic and relevant – to help other businesses so that they didn’t have to stumble over the obstacles the same way I did. I implore businesses to not ignore the signs of change and hope that these will be a passing phase. This is a dangerous strategy – in retail the power has shifted to the tech savvy and informed shopper and it is they who are driving the change. At NORA we believe this approach should be completely consumer centric, technology led and globally borderless and where consumers shape the landscape, and retail responds to it.

This leap of faith requires new thinking and courage. Whilst recognizing that healthy and fair competition is a powerful ingredient of retail, NORA focuses on the size of the pie, rather than the slices. We want to support a holistic strong and robust retail ecosystem which will be critical to sustainable growth. NORA is a broad church. We welcome unreservedly membership from any business that has a vested interest in new retail.

Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. Join us.”

Paul Greenberg
Founder and Chairman

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