Happy Staff, Happy Customer, Good Business

Wednesday, 15 February 2017 by Prinitha Govender, Power Retail

“Some retailers have this viewpoint that if they want to be competitive they can’t play – I disagree,” says Paul Greenberg, the founder of DealsDirect and National Online Retail Association (NORA).

“If the leader of a brand puts forward some of his or her own personality, it brings about better culture into their business, that is a more inclusive culture – this will also do wonders when it comes to a business’s operations.”

According to Greenberg, retailers that are doing this well include Myer, Harvey Norman and Alibaba’s Jack Ma. “Richard Umbers is a prominent face for Myer, which has undoubtedly helped to build a good relationship with its staff.” As a public face, Umbers has good traction in the media, and for the right reasons. Tick and tick. “Gerry Harvey is another one, who does this very well.” Read more...

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