14th Annual Global Shopper Study: The New Wave of Retail Fulfillment


As we progress through 2022, the knock-on effects of the pandemic and other world events continue to disrupt retail operations. In many ways, the recent past is already ancient history and retailers must embrace new conditions and look ahead to what’s next.

On the whole, market disruption has triggered significant changes to the retail sector, accelerating shifts in consumer habits and expectations that were already underway while inspiring a new era of retail innovation. These trends translate into new priorities for retailers wanting to keep up with shopper expectations.

Zebra Technologies’ 14th Annual Zebra Global Shopper Study: The Next Wave of Retail Fulfillment provides a detailed look into how shoppers, sales assistants and decision-makers around the world are adapting to new challenges in retail.

Some of the report’s key insights include:

· 92% of decision-makers agree that more shoppers are using mobile ordering
· 69% of shoppers now prefer online retailers that also have a bricks-and-mortar location
· 73% of shoppers want to get in and out of stores as fast as possible
· 78% of shoppers prefer retailers that offer easy returns – by mail or in-store

It’s clear that the shopper experience extends far beyond the four walls of the retail store. Channels have converged as shoppers begin their journeys online, in-stores or as a combination. This report reveals an increasing investment in technology, which enables a better customer experience on any platform and helps to empower sales assistants to deliver the best service possible as the retail sector heads into the future of fulfillment.

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