Five ways Zebra Reflexis helps retailers simplify store operations

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Five ways Zebra Reflexis helps retailers simplify store operations
An AI-powered mobile solution offering real-time agility

Owning and operating a retail business is complex. There are numerous workflows to keep track of, from the front of store to the back of store and everywhere in between. What if there was a simple way to reach all staff across every store and coordinate real-time responses that keep customers coming back?

Reflexis is a single source for retailers to help them simplify store operations, maximise labour and measure progress. The platform helps retailers adapt to the moment and balance demand, availability, costs and regulations from a single touchpoint.

Here are five key ways Reflexis helps retailers simplify store operations:

Simplify communication with real-time task management
With Reflexis, retailers can send alerts, notifications and instant messages from a convenient mobile platform. They can also send workers visual instructions on building eye-catching window displays and planograms. Reflexis helps retail managers speed up their daily activities and on-site audits, enabling them to automatically trigger follow-up tasks for employees.

Help workers achieve more
With so many stores to run, things to do and people to direct, it can be difficult for retailers to coordinate all employee workflows. Reflexis makes this job easier, by providing employees with a single, mobile platform to access all their tasks, automatically organised by priority. Managers can ensure the right employee is in the right place at the right time, and gain real-time visibility into what’s happening.

Lower the risk of turnover with employee self-service
Reflexis Employee Self-Service offers staff a user-friendly mobile app to control their schedules for improved work-life balance. This feature also makes it easy for managers to track shift requests, adjust schedules as needed and ensure compliance with company rules and labour laws.

Ensure compliance with time and attendance tracking
With union contracts and labour laws constantly changing, it’s not easy to track compliance. Reflexis simplifies pay rules, regulations and company policies, no matter how complicated they can get. The Reflexis algorithm will take all of these factors into consideration, simplifying them for managers and alerting them of any potential problems.

Cultivate a better customer experience with appointments
With Reflexis, retailers can offer customers an easy way to book, reschedule and cancel their appointments through a customised web portal or mobile app. Reflexis will alert on-site managers or employees to different appointment requests, so they can ensure they have the most knowledgeable and appropriate staff on shift.

See the benefits global retailers have experienced with Reflexis:

  • Increased sales: Reflexis helps retailers increase sales across their store operations, by streamlining workflows, increasing productivity, and improving the customer experience.
  • Reduced shrinkage: Reflexis enables retailers to keep better track of tasks and reduce the loss of inventory caused by administrative errors. This leading Hispanic supermarket chain leveraged Reflexis to streamline and prioritise its 5,000 annual tasks, resulting in $1M saved in shrinkage.
  • Improved task completion: The majority of retailers who deployed Reflexis reported their task completion rate surged to approximately 95%.
  • Faster scheduling: Reflexis can significantly reduce the time managers spend on scheduling shifts. This US design & fashion brand experienced a significant improvement in scheduling effectiveness, saving each store approximately 15 hours per week.
  • Reduced labour costs: Reflexis can significantly reduce labour costs by ensuring schedules are optimised. This US-based auto parts retailer saved a total of 100 million in labour costs over a span of seven years.
  • Reduced employee turnover: Reflexis can significantly reduce employee turnover, by giving employees easier control over their schedules and the ability to make requests. This global fast-food restaurant chain in the UK reduced employee turnover by 32% with Reflexis.

Retail workers need a responsive solution that keeps them in step with what’s happening in the present. Forecasting and scheduling labour with Reflexis results in greater flexibility, savings and compliance, leading to a better in-store experience.

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