How to quickly adapt - as a business - to meet consumer’s sustainability demands?


As consumers increasingly demand to shop their values – from brands committed to building a better world – all businesses have a unique opportunity to create impact by integrating responsible practices into their core operations. Through various initiatives, businesses can address social and environmental challenges, improve communities, and contribute to sustainable development.

Here are some ways businesses are adapting, creating impact and beginning to meet all stakeholders’ – rather than only shareholders – expectations:

  • Align with local NGOs: Identify reputable organisations that align with your business values and sustainability goals. Partnering with such organisations can help you create meaningful impact and enhance your credibility, e.g by supporting environmental conservation, social justice, or community development.
  • impact-marketing campaigns: Develop marketing campaigns that promote both your products or services and your purpose. Highlight the connection between your product and purpose – emphasising how consumers can contribute to positive change through their purchases.
  • Implement a give-back program: Establish an initiative that enables your customers to give back while engaging with your business. For example, donate a $1 from each purchase to an NGO project, and let customers choose where it goes.
  • Promote local sourcing and production: Emphasise your commitment to supporting local suppliers and manufacturers who adhere to sustainable practices. Highlight the reduced carbon footprint associated with local sourcing and production.
  • Educate and engage customers: Educate about sustainability issues and how your business contributes to positive change. Use your marketing channels to share information, tips, and success stories related to sustainability and impact.
  • Transparently communicate your impact: A big one! Share details about your sustainability efforts and the impact you’re making. Be transparent about your goals, achievements, and areas for improvement. Use storytelling to create an emotional connection and inspire customer participation.
  • Encourage employee engagement: Foster a culture of sustainability within your organisation by involving employees in your sustainability initiatives.
  • Monitor and report progress: Regularly track and measure your sustainability performance. Report on your progress with all stakeholders. Highlight the positive outcomes achieved through your sustainability efforts, and the lessons learnt.

While there is no silver bullet, customers are not expecting perfection but an authentic commitment. It is a journey – one that consumers want to be on with a brand. ‘Warts and all’, it’s the journey that humanises the business, and connects consumers with your deeper purpose.

Through any (or all) of these approaches – by integrating responsible practices into a businesses’ core operations – every business can play a crucial role in building a more sustainable and equitable world. Indeed, this is what we now expect as consumers, if we’re to mitigate the impacts of climate change, tackle growing inequality and begin to redefine business as a net-positive force for the planet.

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