TZU & Co
Sydney, AU

Tzu & Co is a solution agnostic digital business and marketing services consultancy with a backbone in data analytics, servicing a range the retail, logistics and finance industries. We help marketing and digital departments get unstuck, find clarity, and navigate their next decision with confidence. From media performance and MartTech auditing to brand, CX, loyalty, and growth strategies – we’re not wedded to a solution or vendor, our approach is unbiased and our success is tied to our clients’.

Established in 2013, we’ve been solving the messy middle for some of Australia and the world’s most well-known brands as well as scale-ups and SME’s.

We’re not a digital design, media, or development agency. We’re an independent consultancy and implementation team, meaning, we have no vested interest in selling our clients a specific recommendation.

Our team of consultants are experienced specialists across multiple disciplines; from e-commerce, marketing analytics, and media to brand, market entry and, growth. Solving a marketing challenge requires the right combination of data and digital expertise and marketing acumen, rarely found in one individual. Tzu & Co. provides an integrated, cross-functional service offering that harmonises the disciplines to work together.

We’re the voice in the room you can trust.