Mastering supply now, to keep up with demand later Mastering supply now, to keep up with demand later
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Mastering supply now, to keep up with demand later

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Wednesday 18th August, 2021
11:00am - 12:00pm
Mastering supply now, to keep up with demand later

Digital transformation, AI, and ML are all the shiny, ‘new’ buzz words that have been at the centre of attention for a while now.

But as we all know a little too familiarly, bandying around the latest tech concepts and potential, even with the intention of mastering them doesn’t necessarily mean they will be fully grasped and integrated. The successful follow through can often be slightly more of a challenge than the visionary strategy.

Enter COVID, which ran its own expose of any cracks in the retail supply system, casting spotlight on the cruciality of AI and ML to thrive in such an unpredictable environment. Replacing supply chain vulnerability with agility, consistency, and resiliency is now top of the agenda for retail supply chain leaders, and AI and ML are key to ticking this one off.

In this panel discussion, supply chain experts from Adore Beauty, David Jones/Country Road Group, Intel, CT Global Solutions and SAS come together to discuss:

  • The future of supply chain: Sustainability, agility and resiliency: Integrating AI, ML, advanced analytics and visualisation to arrive prepared.
  • No easy feat: Accelerating digital transformation in the face of the pandemic (and futureproofing while you’re at it).
  • Are you making wise, informed decisions? How do you know? Moving on from the outdated approach of guesswork and ‘gut feel’.
  • The importance of demand planning, visibility, data lakes.
  • How are you approaching customer intelligence to drive growth?

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