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Thursday 12th August, 2021
12:00pm - 2:30pm
Global Impact

The age old question – what does it take to become a global success? It’s definitely made a lot easier when there’s an industry-wide movement paving the way and creating momentum…

That’s why, to help the Australian retail industry embrace global dynamics and expand, we’re gathering forty five Australian retail entrepreneurs who associate the world with opportunity; those who are ambitious and eager to explore the 2022 cross border horizon and push Australia’s retail industry forward.

Tapping into a new market is like meeting any new acquaintance. In order for it to be a beneficial connection, you need to understand their quirks, characteristics, strengths/weaknesses, and decipher how the two of you can best ‘gel’.

Once you’ve been accepted (and fingers crossed not rejected), there’s the logistics and effort of keeping the relationship functioning optimally.

Join the movement in the pursuit of deeper insight into what lies beneath the surface of global markets in order to thrive and navigate a whole new landscape with original, creative approaches to gain the trust, satisfaction and loyalty of an international breed of customer.

Agenda Snapshot:

  • Informative Chat with International Speaker: Going Global: Fostering a Budding Relationship With Your New Market: Deciphering the Intricacies and Discovering its Quirks
  • Deep Delve Panel with Australian Retailers Who’ve Established Internationally: How Can the Australian Retail Industry Embrace Global Dynamics to Improve International Presence?
  • Informative Chat with Ekata: Friend or Foe? How to Prevent Fraud While Avoiding Customer Friction, Customer Insult, and Revenue Loss
  • Informative Chat with Australian Retail Leader: International Next Gen CX: Making Australia Unforgettable for All the Right Reasons by Grasping New and Diverse Global Markets

Watch this space! Speakers to be announced by July 1.

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