How to make exponential growth business as usual How to make exponential growth business as usual
RetailUP Webinar

How to make exponential growth business as usual

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Wednesday 21st April, 2021
11:00am - 12:00pm
Impact Webinar

Retailers mapping out their growth and customer acquisition strategies have more than a couple of roadblocks to navigate this year. Some would label 2020 as the golden year for ecommerce due to the huge number of consumers who flooded online when the pandemic hit. But, how do you ensure this explosive growth continues when your market budget stays the same? How do you make double digit growth business as usual?

We think the answer is partnerships, and we’re not alone. A recent Deloitte study listed ‘fusing cross-industry partnerships in a post pandemic world’ as one of its seven key global marketing trends for 2021.

Join us as we talk to marketing leaders from Best & Less, Esther & Co., Impact and international department stores about how they’re using the partnership channel to expand revenue opportunities beyond sales and marketing, whilst creating unique customer experiences and sustainable growth.

What you’ll learn:

  • How modern partnerships deliver what ads alone no longer do – trust, endorsement, and authenticity.
  • Why collaborating with other brands, influencers, affiliates or publishers that have expertise where you may lack it, and vice versa, can only make each entity’s foundation stronger.
  • How to build successful partnerships that expand your reach, increase consumer trust and drive revenue
  • Why there’s a diminishing return in advertising but partnership opportunities can be infinite. 

Partnerships give retailers a break from chasing potential conversions around the web, and instead, pave a surer path to customer acquisition and conversion. We hope you can join us on Wednesday 21st April live from 11AM AEST for this insightful discussion.

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