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noissue Releases 100% Compostable Mailer; Focuses on Environmental Initiatives in 2019

Monday, 22 April 2019  
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noissue now offers a full range of custom packaging for eCommerce sellers.

SYDNEY, AU — noissue, the global custom packaging provider, has released a mailer bag made out of 100% compostable materials. The bag, created using a combination of corn-based polymers, is certified both for home and commercial composting.


Launched one and a half years ago, noissue provides a premium solution for designing and ordering custom-branded packaging for businesses. Focused on sustainability since its inception, noissue partners with charitable organizations to plant trees with every order, and places an emphasis on environmentally-friendly packaging options.


The addition of the mailer bag to their existing offerings of eco-friendly custom tissue paper and custom stickers - both ubiquitous packaging products used across the eCommerce space - completes a suite of packaging for retailers that is both fully customizable and sustainable.


“We’ve all seen the amount of waste there is in the packaging world,” said Josh Bowden, Co-Founder of the business. “Our goal with starting noissue was to create the opportunity for businesses of all sizes to access sustainable packaging options without sacrificing their branding and their identity.”


“[The 100% Compostable Mailer] is our way of bringing the conversation on sustainable packaging choices to the foreground of ecommerce. Choosing recyclable, recycled, or compostable options for your packaging not only improves your sustainability, but can often impact customers’ perceptions of your business,” said Augie Gruar, Co-Founder of noissue.


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About noissue

noissue is a high-tech solution for one of the world’s most outdated industries. With their online design platform, design support team, and worldwide free shipping, businesses of all shapes and sizes are able to access custom branded packaging solutions.


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