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Bondi Sisters launch retail business for women’s empowerment

Monday, 27 May 2019  
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Arianne and Natasha Ritz are sisters and have today launched their brand ARNA to the
public. The brand looks to build on the women’s empowerment movement, helping women
make bold decisions in their lives and their careers.

Arianne has been working in digital advertising and media sales for the last 9 years and
brings incredible insights from co-leading a strong and empowered women’s committee
alongside her current full-time role in media sales at a global tech company.

Natasha brings 10 years of retail marketing and eCommerce skills to the table having
previously worked for many fashion and beauty brands. More recently leading the charge in
marketing and communications for LUSH Cosmetics and now working for Parcelpoint a
tech and logistics startup supporting retailers.

Together their experience of creating purpose at work and supporting women to come
together has lead to the creation of ARNA.

“We are really excited to launch our brand today, not only to share empowering messages
for women but to drive change when it comes to the stories we tell and see about ourselves
in the media and society today,” says Arianne.

The business will see the sisters, launch a range of women’s work and laptop bags that are
sleek, functional and support women at work everyday.

“We know that what women need while they work is to feel confident, strong and to believe
in themselves and that’s why we’ve created our messaging in this way. We’re excited to
launch our first range of bags partnering with amazing Australian designers and soon we
will launch our own ARNA range as well.”

The two have started by launching with brand partners, Sash & Belle out of Canberra,
Charlie Middleton of Bondi and Morrissey designed by Australian icon Peter Morrissey.

“We’ve chosen these specific partners because they align with our values in one way or
another. We will always strive to work with partners that offer more sustainable ways of
working and look to empower women along that journey,” says Natasha

Arianne and Natasha have also launched their Giving Back program where 1% of all profits,
from day-one, will be donated to charities supporting women in education, employment,
fair wages or any grassroots charity working to make change on women’s issues.

“We are so excited to work with charities and believe that giving back is the only way to do
business. Making a real, positive difference is important to us.”

The sisters look forward to continuing to find new brand partners and soon launch their own
range of handmade bags.

About ARNA

Empowering women to make bold decisions. Our vision is a world where the stories we tell
about ourselves and women in our society are powerful, bold and truly representative of
who we are. We are two sisters who are passionate about women's empowerment
especially in the workforce.

When we thought about what we wanted to create it was really about how we could help
bring women in business up, together. That means working with other women who are
running their own businesses, working with suppliers, manufacturers and people who are
aligned with our mission and values.

We know that every area of our business needs to be sustainable and create opportunities
for women all across the globe and that’s what we will continue to strive for and work
towards, always. We want to ensure that we choose partners that are aligned with our
values so that we can bring you, the best quality, functional, beautiful, handmade work and
laptop bags of our own as well as partnerships with other brands we love.
We're excited to share our vision and change the world together, one beautifully crafted
work bag at a time.

For further information or interviews please contact Natasha Ritz |

A NORA member news by Natasha Ritz, Co Founder of ARNA-

P: 1300 752 946