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Your Customers Are Valuable. So How Are You Valuable to Your Customers?

Monday, 24 June 2019  
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The Human Disposition. Have you ever wondered why humans walk on two legs? Well, around 6 million years ago, we figured out it took a lot less energy to walk on two legs rather than four limbs — around a quarter of the energy required to be slightly more exact. And in an economy back then when you had to hunt, kill and gather food and water for energy, all reserves were a precious commodity.

Fast forward through the next 6 million years and you’ll see an array of discoveries and inventions designed to conserve our energy more and more despite becoming less and less reliant on high expenditure, low availability sources of energy. Read more...

A NORA Network member news by Diane Frick, Marketing, Brand & Customer Experience Strategist at Arkade

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