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ACCC Foreshadows Controls of Online Market Power to Curb Dark Patterns

Monday, 8 July 2019  
Posted by: Kamyl Thomas
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ACCC Foreshadows Controls of Online Market Power to Curb Dark Patterns – Retailers in Control of Own Media  

Recent overtones by Josh Frydenberg, Treasurer with support from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Digital Platforms inquiry suggests stricter controls for major online players Facebook and Google to offer greater choice of search capability as well as transparency in online advertising expenditure. At the other end of the consumer journey when landing on a brand or retail website after commencing a search, the ACCC has been careful to ensure consumers do not end up buying under deceptive circumstances. These deceptions known as dark patterns according to consultant Harry Brignull go under the names of “Privacy Zuckering”, “Roach Motel”, “Bait and Switch” and even “Confirmshaming”.  With the final report from the ACCC outstanding what should retailers and brands be trying to achieve in coming weeks and month? Derek Adelman will be addressing a Sydney audience this coming Friday 12 July at the Sydney Startup Hub and providing the perspective retailers are in control of their own media and need to worry less about advertising and focus on converting visiting customers to actual sales.

This means that customers on your own website should be receiving offers truly reflecting the level of interest and availability of products and services rather than using any tricks. Furthermore, this timely conversation with a key Silicon Valley visitor will share how to steer clear from regulatory concerns and ensure you can read the digital body language of your customers to help provide them with the best content and service possible. Read more...

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