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Australian Retailers' Testimonials - NORA Network

"NORA Talent Network's coaching and mentoring was really helpful to our business as we approached the launch stage of our online retail store. As a family business based in Adelaide (and with young kids in tow), it's hard to access cutting-edge retail expertise and it's difficult for us to attend NORA's events; but for the small price of membership we were able to get some great insights into our business. Being able to speak with people with experience in precisely what we're trying to do was invaluable to us. James & co understood our challenges and empathized with us, helped us establish a clear pathway to our goals, and spent well and truly more than the allotted time helping us. They were also able to direct us to an inexpensive marketing expert to help us with our launch and our future digital marketing campaigns. Thanks James and all at NORA for your fantastic assistance!" 

Tori @

"Australia Direct has grown from an eBay only store to a fully fledged online pureplay specialising in 12v portable appliances for camping, 4-wheel driving and outdoor enthusiasts.  Whilst at a crucial juncture in our growth we went to NORA’s talent network to get some seasoned advice and experience to help focus us on the right strategy.  It is difficult based on the sunshine coast to access this sort of expertise easily, and whilst as an entrepreneur you are confident in the decisions you make, it is always reassuring to have them challenged by experienced 3rd parties.  We were able to not only confirm the route we chose and gain confidence in that but also make some key operational improvements which saw us (will see us) move to one transactional website, rather than 2, and save costs as well as making the whole business simpler to run.  For the small price of membership we got exceptional value from this."

Klaeton Sheehan CEO – Australia Direct

"Billy and I just wanted to thank you for the time you took this afternoon to discuss some of the issues we are experiencing with our online efforts.  We found the telephone call extremely beneficial and are certain the that knowledge we have gleaned from your experience and expertise will greatly assist us as we develop an effective strategy for our online furniture business."

Craig Lennie and Billy Cairns – &

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