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On-demand webinars pre-2018

Cross-Border: The Latest Trends & Strategies

Domestic eCommerce is nearing maturity with only marginal increases in the frequency of online purchases year over year. Many retailers are now expanding cross-border or 'near-border', uncovering scores of new and highly profitable customers. NORA Network founder Paul Greenberg talks to Jeremy Crooks, Managing Director of Global Ecommerce AUNZ, Pitney Bowes, and Simon Hickson, Head of ANZ Business Development for Alibaba Cloud, as they discuss strategies to help you conquer the borderless world in 2018.

The Latest in Card-Not-Present Fraud

The rise in eCommerce purchases presents significant risk of financial loss from fraud and disputed payments with Card Not present (CNP) fraud now counting for 78% of all payment related fraud in Australia. In this webinar, Giselle Lindley – ACI Worldwide Principal Fraud Consultant, APAC region and Mike Jagusiak – AXS.com, Fraud Prevention Specialist, USA share current fraud trends and strategies.

App Commerce takes Asia Pacific by storm

The findings of a recent Criteo report show an enormous app commerce opportunity in the region, and also uncover important elements that shoppers are looking for from their app experience. Whether you already have an app or are considering creating one, this webinar can help you win at app commerce in APAC.


Paul Greenberg Interviews Joshua Ross of Humanitix

Humanitix is the first not-for-profit ticketing platform that donates all event profits to a charity of the organiser's choice. Listen in and hear co-founder Joshua Ross's inspiring story, and learn about the exciting potential of technological disruption to play a role in philanthropy.

Using Contextual Commerce to Enrich the Customer Journey

Driven by mobile devices and the emergence of social channels, today's consumer experience is far more complex and fragmented than ever before. Add to that a growing consumer demand for consistent, personalized experiences, and success becomes a seemingly overwhelming challenge for marketers. How can brands deploy better experiences that will add context to commerce and shorten the path from inspiration to purchase? Join Marius Kriening of Olapic and Steven Bradley of Bronto as they share solutions to help marketers succeed in this new ecosystem.

Amazon Essentials: How to Get Your Business Amazon-Ready

There has been a lot of chatter about Amazon’s impending arrival to Australia. We know from overseas experience that Amazon has the ability to completely revolutionise the consumer experience and shift the retail landscape. Amazon’s arrival presents a unique opportunity for the e-commerce industry; and for merchants to truly get the most of what Amazon has to offer, preparation is essential and timing is everything. Simon Kelly, ChannelAdvisor’s Strategic Partnerships Manager, will discuss how your business can prepare itself for the Amazon revolution.

The Best Practice Homepage: Creating Amazing Online Experiences

eCommerce managers and digital leaders often look at their homepage and have a “gut feel” that the layout is inadequate. Many look at their competitors who they aspire to be like with the intent to copy them, but as they all do different things this never has the intended result. eStar's Digital Strategist Greg Randall will discuss the science behind all the homepage elements and show real life examples of how top retailers are utilising specific page elements.

The Catch Marketplace: The Place to Be

Marketplaces are the new black. For retailers and brand owners, the marketplace platforms present the ultimate opportunity to reach new, and of course, existing customers. The mantra of new retail is customers want to meet retailers where they like to shop. Boasting over 3 million customers and millions of visits per month, Catch is one of Australia’s most trafficked shopping platforms. Come find out what makes this curated and 'by-invitation-only' marketplace a unique opportunity for sellers to reach more customers and participate in sales events to the huge Catch database.

How Retailers are Going to Compete This Year

Differentiation through customer experience. That’s the number one way retailers who answered eConsultancy’s Digital Trends survey plan to compete this year. Many think mobile and virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) devices are the tools to help get the job done. And yet, only 13 percent of retailers would describe their brand as digitally led. In this interactive webinar, Scott Rigby of Adobe will share key insights from the Econsultancy 2017 Digital Trends in Retail report.

From Bricks & Mortar to Bricks & Clicks

Transitioning from physical to digital is a top priority for businesses wanting to futureproof themselves in our disrupted economy. Retailers and suppliers must step up to the challenge of directly competing with Amazon and Alibaba. However, the costs associated with transitioning businesses are enormous. Hear from Charles Nicolson and Joseph Alonso from Vesta Central, as well as Aimee Innes of HBT as they discuss how to create an even playing field to compete against menacing online retailers – taking your digital channel to new heights.

Paul Greenberg Interviews Tink Taylor of dotmailer

Paul Greenberg, Founder of NORA Network interviews Tink Taylor, CEO of dotmailer in this interesting fireside chat on the future of email marketing.

The Future of eCommerce is Omnichannel

From searching and browsing to buying, many consumers are using multiple devices in the purchase journey. Retailers that can deliver a seamless and personalised experience across devices will stand out from the crowd. Adam Stead, Head of Sales for Criteo Australia and New Zealand will discuss how traditional analytics tools look at activities on a single device, providing only a partial and distorted view of what is actually a multi-device journey.

Spacetime Marketing: How the smartphone is changing retail marketing forever

With retail sales growth hard to find, gaining market share from rivals has never been more important. The connected consumer – shopping with smartphone in hand – is fundamentally changing the way retailers interact with their customers. NORA's Paul Greenberg talks to Gareth Jude, Retail Industry Expert at Telstra, as they explore the potential of the smartphone to change retail marketing.

Outsourcing Business Processes to South Africa

Paul Greenberg, Founder of NORA interviews Makana Mandiwana, Services Industry Deputy Director of the South African Department of Trade and Industry about what outsourcing in South Africa can do for Australian businesses.


Returns: The Last Battlefront of Competing Online

Returns can be costly, messy and downright depressing BUT making them easier for your shoppers will actually grow your business. Listen in as Rob Hango-Zada from Shippit.com chats to Dean Jones from Glam Corner and Leonie McCarthy from 6R Retail on what makes a good returns policy and how to get it right.

Your Roadmap to Digital Experience Success

To be successful, digital commerce teams need to be insights-driven, fast, and responsive to consumer expectations for personalised, engaging shopping experiences anytime, anywhere. Paul Greenberg, Founder of NORA, talks to Adi Gulati and Tim Till of Oracle about the essential components of a modern digital experience platform. 

Beating Amazon with Bricks & Mortar: Making Stores Work Harder

If you want to compete effectively with the likes of Amazon, its time to understand the difference between multichannel & omnichannel retailing. Rob Hango-Zada, Co-Founder of Shippit.com chats to Andrew Gibbs from PETstock and Nathalie Reiter from MyHouse about how to use your bricks & mortar stores as distributed warehouses and the association opportunities and challenges.

Insourcing Your Core: Why These High-Growth Retailers Chose Not to Use 3PL

To 3PL or not to 3PL, that is the question. Third Party Logistics (3PL) has grown tremendously in recent years, mirroring a dynamic and ever-growing e-Commerce market. Whilst 3PL fulfilment can be a godsend for a growing business, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Rob Hango-Zada, Co-Founder of Shippit.com chats to Sandradee Makejev from St Frock and Nick Nicolaou from GoLights who have made the decision to in-source what they believe is the core operation of their business.

Competing Online: What's on the Horizon in 2017?

Online retailers trading in Australia are required to comply with the Competition & Consumer Act and the Australian Consumer Law. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Depty Chair Dr. Michael Schaper previews some of the big issues for 2017, provides an insight into how the ACCC deals with complaints and enforces the law, and discusses recent actions to deal with subscription traps, masked reviews and drip pricing.

eCommerce and Fraud Prevention: Preparing for the Christmas Shopping Season

There's no doubt about it: as online retail grows, so does online retail fraud. Criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated and retailers need to stay on their toes if they want to keep their businesses safe. Jackie Barwell, Director of Product Management with ACI Worldwide, the world leader in payment solutions, provides some tools and strategies to help you get through the Christmas shopping season.

Artificial Intelligence and Great Retention Marketing for New Retail

Join us for this fascinating journey into the world of Artificial Intelligence and how it can help you unlock great retention marketing. Daniel Hagos, Client Success Director for Emarsys talks to Gareth Williams, eCommerce Manager for Adore Beauty and Vanessa Carver, Marketing Manager for ASOS Australia, about how AI benefits every step of eCommerce and therefore has a direct bearing on customer satisfaction.

Payment Systems

James Webber, NORA Executive Director, with panel members Nathan Huppatz, Costumes.com.au and Paul Nieuwenhuys, Hooked Online, discuss the latest methods, service providers, trends and challenges in the Payments space.

In-Store Fulfilment: Use Your Stores as Mini DCs

Graham Jackson, CEO of Fluent Retail is joined by Sarah Westwood, head of eCommerce at MJ Bale, and Gordon Nugent, ex digital head at Harvey Norman, as they discuss their experiences and best practices with in-store fulfilment.

Supply Chain and Logistics Challenges

Hosted by Luke Condon, Head of Consumer Delivery for Toll, and James Webber, Executive Director of NORA, this webinar will focus on the theme of supply chain and logistics challenges for New Retail.


Click and Collect: Does the Hype Match the Reality?

Over the past few years, we’ve seen more retailers than ever offering Click & Collect to their customers for the first time. They have recognised the many benefits which come from offering greater flexibility around the purchase process, where customers can do their online shopping any time of the day and then pick up their orders from their closest store. But does the hype match the reality?

Join Jamie Cairns, Commercial Director of Fluent Retail as he talks to Sven Lindell, Chief Digital Officer of Bras N Things about the experience of implementing Click & Collect and the effects it has had on the business.

Profitable Omni-channel Fulfilment with Smart Technology

Omni-channel retailers have a unique advantage over their pureplay competitors – the store network. Not only does it provide a unique opportunity to engage with your customers in a profoundly personal way, it’s also a major warehouse of stock in its own right. So how do you truly connect your online, store and mobile channels to gain maximum benefits?

The answer is smart omni-channel fulfilment. Join Mehdi Fassaie, Co-founder and CEO of Fluent Retail and ParcelPoint as he provides a top-level view into the three main issues facing omni-channel retailers, and five ways that smart technology can help. It will be followed by Deep Dive sessions into click and collect, store fulfilment and omni-channel returns.

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