Australian Retailers' Testimonials

“We recognise the need for an industry body that understands retail. Having been in the industry myself for 10 years, and knowing guys like Paul for a lot of that time, it's clear that online requires specialist skills, knowledge and strategies. So supporting NORA was high on my priority list.”

Nathan Huppatz, co-founder of

"Our decision to join NORA was clear. Support an industry that will support us and learn from it. The days of having a shop front, a 50,000sqm warehouse, lots of staff and no systems to support your business maybe limited, if not dead. But the days of a collaborative approach are here, both with people and systems. NORA gives us the opportunity to network with industry leaders, and other members to learn what challenges they have and what keeps them awake at night."

Mark Clinch, Paperless Warehousing

"As one of the very early members, I had no idea what NORA would become, but the fact that multichannel retail representation was even mentioned got my attention.  I felt confident that Paul Greenberg had a good grasp of the industry and the ever evolving demands we faced. NORA’s events have provided me with answers to questions I hadn’t even thought to ask and the networking opportunities remind me that I am not alone. When my membership was due for renewal I didn’t hesitate at all and I would recommend membership for anyone who wants to keep up with new retail."

Sonia Tilley, Auspresso Pty Ltd

"When Paul approached me to discuss NORA I knew straight away I had to be involved. With a distinct focus on customer centricity, technology and global operations, it was clear from the get go that NORA was different to other retail organisations. NORA connects retailers, encourages collaboration and helps provide retailers with the relevant information to succeed in a constantly changing retail landscape. As a multi-channel retailer, being apart of NORA not only helps us keep abreast of global trends it also gives us the ability to regularly collaborate with a network of similar minded businesses."

John Winning, CEO Winning Group

“Joining NORA was about connecting with the industry. We are a still a young company, so connecting with other players in the industry is useful from a networking and knowledge sharing perspective. We also want to use NORA's industry research data going forward.”

Patrick Schmidt, CEO, The Iconic

"NORA is a 'breath of fresh air' to the retail industry! NORA is the catalyst the industry needed to eliminate the distinction between online and traditional retailers. It brings all retailers together to discuss the real issues and challenges facing the industry. Not joining NORA was simply not an option."

Wendy Small, Wanted Shoes

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