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Accertify is the leading provider of frictionless digital identity, fraud prevention, chargeback management, intelligent authentication, and online payment gateway solutions.

The company was founded by former in-house fraud and risk managers. So, we understand the ever-increasing risks organizations face online, and have created a digital network of trust that allows businesses to trust who is on the other end of a transaction without risk of fraud and without impacting the user experience.

Our value proposition

  • Our layered-risk platform, machine-learning backbone, and extensive reputational community database enable businesses to manage fraud risk across the entire customer journey from account creation, authentication, activity monitoring, payment, and disputes.
  • We provide digital fraud prevention and protection services for some of the largest global brands, including 40% of the top 50 US Internet retailers and six out of 10 of the largest global airlines.
  • Our first three customers – Ticketmaster, Southwest Airlines and StubHub, have been customers for more than a decade.
  • We have helped more than 300 customers prevent billions of dollars in fraudulent transactions and constantly look for new and innovative ways to stay ahead of the latest fraud attacks.
  • We help you protect your company’s reputation with confidence and make it easy for your best customers to do business with you.

Our presence in Australia

With a decade-long presence in Australia, we have established a reputation as the country’s leading fraud prevention vendor for online retailers. Our comprehensive services span online payments, account protection and chargeback management functions delivered across diverse retail sectors including white goods and electricals, fashion, general merchandise, groceries, liquor, retail loyalty programs and office stationery.

Accertify operates across diverse industries around the world processing in excess of $1 Trillion USD in gross merchandise value annually. Accordingly, Accertify has extensive reputational data that is used by all merchants, including Australian retailers, when making risk decisions. The overwhelming majority of negative data associated with fraudulent payments or events has been observed by us previously, making for a more accurate fraud prevention service.

Accertify has developed solutions that traverse the entire digital journey, from account creation and management through to payment risk decisioning and chargeback management. This end-to-end capability means improved ways of detecting and preventing online fraud – whether that be registering a fake account or taking over an existing one or feeding chargeback data back into our Machine Learning models or even using payments data to defend against friendly fraud – the comprehensive nature of our system means Australian retailers are better equipped to fight fraudsters and disingenuous customers.

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