Avid Collective
Sydney, AU

Avid Collective is an Australian media and tech business that exists to help brands influence consumers better. Through a single point of access, Avid unlocks unlimited growth for brands with their personalised native content at scale solution.

Advertisers can work with Avid through Avid Partnerships, which is their recently-launched network of curated independent Australian publishers and influencers that have a combined reach of over 16 million Australians. Or Avid Media – Avid’s owned network of social video media brands, that reach and engage over 6 million Australians around their favourite passion points across many platforms.

Avid’s solution is underpinned by their custom-built, proprietary marketing platform, AVA. AVA was developed to make running native content campaigns simple and easy for advertisers, simplifying content production workflows and enabling transparent reporting. AVA further enables campaign optimisations to be made, with Avid campaigns being optimised daily to achieve KPIs and minimise wastage.

Brief once, personalise everywhere.

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