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ClearSale is a multinational company that aims to stop fraud without affecting the customer experience. With offices in the United States, Australia, Mexico, and Brazil, ClearSale offers fraud prevention as a service customized for each merchant, sales channel, and country. ClearSale connects into the merchant’s operational flow and offers from a fraud score to the final decision for each transaction (approve or decline), eventually eliminating the need for multiple fraud tools and resources without interfering with the online shopping experience.

Our main value proposition is increased order approval rates and fewer false declines, which lead to an overall better customer experience. ClearSale has three primary goals:

1. Prevent payment fraud (chargebacks) in e-commerce stores.

2. Convert any incorrectly declined transactions into approved orders.

3. Compensate merchants for any losses related to fraudulent chargebacks.

ClearSale is a proven fraud partner to a merchant like Dyson as: we have more than 2,000 employees serving more than 3,000 direct customers, carrying a 99% customer retention rate. We are trusted by brands like Asus, Timex, Ssense, Chanel, Sony, and many more, providing customer-driven support with 24/7/365 technical support assistance. We pioneered the Chargeback Guarantee Protection offer, started in the early 2000s. We are the only company with over 19 years’ experience delivering fully outsourced fraud solutions, and the largest transaction review team in the world, on duty 24/7/365.

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