HQ: Sydney, Australia | Asia: Hong Kong, Hong Kong | Europe: Glasgow, UK

Comestri is a complete and unified commerce solution giving merchants the ability to manage and enrich multiples sources of product information in a centralised hub. This can be for use across multiple independent sales channels such as ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, social media, email marketing platforms and dropship.

By optimising retail operations, Comestri helps merchants sell and move their product through sales channels, order fulfillment and delivery. This is achieved through the use of 4 applications that are the ecosystem that is Comestri; a Product Information Management (PIM) System, Channel/Marketplace Manager, Automation Engine and Order Management System (OMS). The Comestri ecosystem provides retailers with full overview of their ecommerce environment from the initial product data enrichment through automating delivery of product information to channels and orders back into platform ensuring your customers receive comprehensive data and support on their purchased product from first search through to opening their delivery box at home.

Established in Sydney in 2008 (formerly Fusion Factory), Comestri’s success stems from its proven ability to skilfully integrate across entire business networks. A reputation for delivering quality service and solutions that empower omni channel commerce has enabled Comestri to cultivate a varied client portfolio in APAC and the UK.

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