Sydney, Australia

ConnectID® is an Australian-owned digital identity solution that allows businesses to simply and securely verify their customers’ identity. ConnectID does not collect or store personal information at any time, it’s just the bridge that connects data to where a customer authorises it to go.

With a simple integration into your existing systems and platforms, ConnectID can transform the way you do business and deliver a better experience for your customers. From customer onboarding to checkout, ConnectID seamlessly integrates into your existing user journeys to optimise the customer experience. It’s the smart, simple way to verify your customers’ identity.

As a business your customers count on you to ensure their information is kept safe and handled securely. ConnectID will help you:

  • Be confident with the quality of data received as data is only shared with customers’ authentication and consent, and from a trusted party such as a bank or government agency
  • Easily verify customers’ identity, no need to manually collect or validate customer information
  • Reduce your need to collect or store copies of sensitive documents like driver licences or passports
  • Minimise the amount of data a customer shares and reduce risk of fraud
  • Provide your customers with an easy, simplified experience

ConnectID is an initiative of Australian Payments Plus (AP+). AP+ brings together eftpos, BPAY, NPP Australia, as one organisation to shape the future of payment experiences. ConnectID will roll out gradually across institutions and businesses in Australia during 2023.

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