Descartes Peoplevox
Ontario, Canada. London, United Kingdom. Melbourne, Australia

Peoplevox, a part of The Descartes Systems Group, is a warehouse management system designed to address the challenges of fulfilment for ecommerce. It’s built to take brands from scale-up to enterprise, ensuring remarkable customer experience with every order.

Powerful workflows eliminate warehouse chaos, increase speed and efficiency across all warehouse functions, give warehouse managers the control over their fulfilment, remove capacity for human error and deliver lifetime ROI.

Peoplevox uses workflows relevant to brands’ needs to improve the performance of every single function within the warehouse, from goods-in all the way through to dispatch, so they can ship more, ship faster and ship accurately.

Leading software combined with our team’s expertise in ecommerce means we actively help to build the platform you need to grow your business. 

Key benefits:

  • Peak performance — Remove chaos from peak periods by eliminating manual processes from your operations. With our mobile app, you can train staff and have them up and running in a matter of hours, while having visibility of every action in the warehouse, in real time.
  • Increase the speed — Everything from goods-in through to dispatch runs smoother with Peoplevox. With intelligent routing and efficient picking, your team can pick faster and ship more orders per day.
  • Deliver customer experience — A smooth running warehouse benefits your reputation. You can extend your daily delivery cutoff, allowing you to give your customers the next-day — or even same-day — delivery they desire.
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