Digital Alchemy

Back in 2003, there was no real market for what we do today. Regan Yan and Julian Lee founded Digital Alchemy with a vision to drive customer-centric transformation by automating a frictionless synergy between data intelligence and dynamic decisioning. With this in mind, we have invested heavily in areas that have helped answer the biggest pain points of our clients and the industry.

By establishing a trusted partner relationship with each of our clients, we continue on a mission to achieve shared goals through customer-centric decisioning and transforming their communication.

At Digital Alchemy (DA), our core focus is to help our clients generate demand and optimise conversion to deliver tangible marketing outcomes for their business. We focus solely on how we create engaging interactions that our clients’ customers love. Automating execution is relatively simple; supporting the marketing teams with data which enable purposeful decisioning and to build specific audiences which enable engaging customer interactions with tailored content, products and offers is the more challenging part.

Technology is the key to unlock data driven marketing teams ability to make sense of large volumes of data, to generate customer demand and optimise one-to-one interactions with customers.

At DA we are
– Data Centric, integrating martech capability to enable outcome focused customer engagement
– Customer Centric, with dynamic decisioning and behavioural science approach to marketing
– Recognised by clients for “making it work”, experts who operationalise and execute complex marketing strategies
– Actively solving marketing problems with 18+ years of experience.
– A team of 170+ professionals passionate about 1 thing – your success.

Team Members