Australia, New Zealand

The new security standard for business payments.

Eftsure is a market leader in payment fraud prevention.

Founded by a CFO and two banking technologists in 2014, Eftsure is Australia’s leading payment protection and vendor verification business.

Powered by a massive, proprietary verified vendor database now containing over four million verified Australian businesses, Eftsure provides real-time alerts – signalling the validity of vendor bank account information – throughout the payment life-cycle.

In doing this Eftsure digitises internal payment controls and protects its customers from fraud and error when paying suppliers.

Specifically designed for businesses, our end-to-end solution safeguards more than $216b in B2B payments per year.

Our mission is to build a safer business community.

With a large and continuously growing database of verified supplier details (the only one of its kind), we use multi-factor verification to give businesses greater knowledge and control over onboarding suppliers, receiving invoices and making payments.

In short, we ensure our customers don’t pay the wrong people!

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