Melbourne, Australia

Fordham is an integrated accounting and financial services firm. We help business owners and managers solve their problems and plan their futures.

Our services to you and your business range from the day to day tax and accounting, through to business strategy, business optimisation and operational improvement.

As a specialist part of Perpetual, we offer unrivalled expertise when it comes to turning your business success into assets that safeguard the future of those you care about.

We have significant experience in assisting clients across a range of diverse industries, including retail.

A Scalable Structure – Fordham can help structure your retail business to take advantage of peaks in demand while insulating yourself against the risk of downturns. The secret is a scalable business structure that allows you to gear up quickly and downsize efficiently as market conditions change.

Replicating Success – Many of our clients have extended their retail offering from one store to multiple outlets. We can help you expand operations in the same way.

Your Personal Wealth – Our owner-focused methodology has evolved through years of experience dealing with private business owners. As well as building the value of your business, we can help you grow your personal wealth, while ensuring your assets are protected along the way.

Business Networking – As an active member of industry bodies in the retail industry, we can connect you to a strong network of industry participants.

We provide a depth of service that only comes through unconditional market focus.

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