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Gather activates the customer-to-customer referral channel with automation. Customer referral programs offer a low Cost per Acquisition channel and are the most trusted form of advertising.

With Gather’s embeddable UI, targeted overlays, referral tracking, email automation and API, you can add a new revenue channel to your business. Once set up, a referral program runs with automation.

Combining Gather’s Refer-a-Friend programs with Gather’s targeted opt-in modules and affiliate tracking, you can enable a personalised experience to referred customers on your ecommerce site.

Gather’s integration with Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Shopify and other software solutions means you are able to deploy an omnichannel customer referral program with seamless data syncing.

In addition to Gather’s cloud platform, Gather’s plans also offer strategy, onboarding and a management service for your customer referral program.  Gather’s strategy playbook is drawn upon 6 years of experience running customer referral programs for our clients.

The benefits of Gather’s software and process are reflected in the reviews Gather has received in the Shopify vendor app store. Our flagship case study demonstrates an increase in revenue between 3.5% and 8.5% with the customer-to-customer channel.

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