Sydney, Australia

Connecting businesses to consumers like never before.
Humaniti is Australia’s first free personal finance app where people can earn money. Members can securely link all their accounts to see a complete financial summary in one place, along with insights to help them budget better. They also answer surveys and polls to earn extra cash every month, providing valuable opinions to Australian businesses.
The survey research is combined with Humaniti’s unique transaction view to create de-identified, permission-based consumer data sets that provide Australian business with unparalleled consumer insight. For the first time, retailers can get a deep understanding and profile of their customers and their competitors’ customers…… their media consumption, purchase behaviour, switching, share of wallet among many other things. They can also engage with our Humanitirians for quick and seamless research based on a variety of factors, all while seeing a more complete market picture.
At Humaniti, we connect companies with accurate, timely and affordable consumer data to help them make the best market-driven decisions possible.

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