Infosys Equinox
Victoria, Australia

Infosys Equinox is a human-centric digital commerce and marketing platform that drives memorable omnichannel shopping experiences across all commerce models.

Make it Human-Centric

Engage and deliver human-centric commerce experiences to consumers whenever and wherever they want. Enable consistent, secure and seamless customer engagement across devices, touchpoints, and social channels. Rapidly transform your online and in-store experiences for a digital native world. Connect commerce to social networks, messenger apps, microsites, and more.

Make it Future-ready

Built as a future-ready platform, our composable Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless and eXtensible (MACH-X) architecture provides businesses a perfect balance between agility and adaptability. Pick and choose from our suite of microservices as per your business requirements and upgrade to a modern microservices stack in as less as six weeks.

Make it Seamless

With an integrated ecosystem of partners and commerce-as-a-service operating model, ours is the only commerce platform that your business will ever need. Leverage the robust capabilities of Infosys and its ecosystem of technology partners to build an end-to-end commerce solution that evolves with your business.

Achieve 30% faster time-to-market than competing MACH platforms with our ready-to-use components.

Make Commerce Human with Infosys Equinox

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