List Factory
Richmond, VIC, Australia

List Factory build data products and software solutions for retailers and cataloguers to identify and engage new audiences.

We specialise in data pooling to create prospect lists so you can target new customers and drive online and offline growth. Our consumer and business lists are used by marketers to acquire new customers through traditional direct marketing channels such as catalogues, direct mail, and telemarketing.

List Factory uses demographic and real transactional data coupled with data modelling and analysis to identify and target new customers who are most likely to purchase your products or services.

We have built and managed transactional data for over 18 years and believe that past purchase history is the best predictor of future buying behaviour. With List Factory, your marketing team can grow your new customer audience with confidence and build campaigns that generate loyal customers, higher spends, and lower CPA’s than online channels.

List Factory also offer a wide range of data and software services, including data enrichment, verification, reactivation of lapsed customers, data management, andaddress cleaning services.

List Factory is both ADMA and APP Privacy compliant.

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