Sydney, AU

LOCAD is making multi-channel e-commerce fulfilment easier than ever by offering an on-demand warehousing and fulfillment network, which reduces shipping time and costs by storing products closer to customers.

LOCAD is designed to address the needs of fast-growing e-commerce and direct-to-consumer brands to scale the e-commerce supply chain. Offering fast, flexible and affordable services to simplify logistics and operations, LOCAD empowers entrepreneurs and established brands to grow their online business, one package at a time.

We are APAC’s first cloud logistics platform, combining our inhouse technology platform with a network of warehouses and shipping partners. The platform links numerous distributed warehouses across Australia and Southeast Asia and makes them act as one, with on-demand, variable capacity.

We provide plug & play integrations with the most popular sales channels such as Shopify, Woo, Magento, Amazon, and a wide selection of integrated delivery partners. Brands can manage all their orders and stock from a single virtual pool across all sales channels, while benefiting from real-time visibility of sales, orders, inventory, and service levels.

LOCAD provides local and crossborder fulfillment in Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand with expansion to Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam later in 2021. We would love to be your partner in growth, both at home and abroad.

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