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Pretty much every small and medium sized distribution business I have ever looked at had inefficient and costly warehouse and fulfilment processes that evolved based on whatever seemed to work well enough. Unfortunately, very few of the people who made these processes have any exposure to what a world class logistics operation looks like and no idea of how to build one.

This means, they have no insight into how to apply the tactics and technology of big business to their own operations, the result is their fulfilment process ends up performing more like a sausage sizzle than a McDonalds.

I work with product distribution businesses who recognise that they can’t get to where they want to be, if they keep doing the same things they are now. Our customers know they need to be more efficient and reduce their costs so they can scale up their business, but they are often afraid of making costly mistakes that could derail their progress.

Our vision is to make advanced logistics optimisation available to everyone. The only way you can build a thriving business is to relentlessly focus on optimising every process in your business. We help our customers overcome the stress and pitfalls of scaling up by using the tactics and technology of the world’s most successful businesses so they fulfil faster, with 99.9% accuracy and with 30%-50% lower cost than their competitors who have not optimised their logistics.

Andrew J Clark – The Logistics Linchpin

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