Melbourne, Australia

Marketplacer is a global technology platform enabling customers to create all types of online marketplaces. Our platform allows you to scale your business beyond the constraints of capital and inventory to drive new revenue streams and become the destination for your customers.

Why an online marketplace strategy?

Online marketplaces provide customers with one easy, convenient destination to compare a wide range of offerings from a variety of third-party sellers or across a whole retail store network.

Find out how a marketplace strategy can deliver these benefits for your business:

Generate new revenue – generate additional revenue streams through lead generation, commission on sales and more
Unified commerce – allow your customers to purchase your products from anywhere they are available
Dropship from third parties – integrate with any POS system, dropship globally, return and fulfil items from different storefronts and allow click & collect- all on the one platform
Offer an endless aisle – instantly expand your product and category range by easy integration with third party sellers
Consolidate a market – unite a fragmented buyer/seller landscape and become the destination for your customers
Create a community – create a sense of community and belonging for your customers thanks to premium content, membership benefits and exclusive offers
Data and insights – consolidate your customer interactions on one platform and generate powerful customer insights.

Why Marketplacer?

For over ten years at Marketplacer we have built not only marketplace solutions for our customers, but we have developed the methodology that makes them succeed. We know because we do.

Marketplacer’s portfolio comprises over 60 online marketplaces representing 11,000 businesses across 11 countries, servicing over 50-million annual users, with current clients including Myer, Independent Brands Australia, Accent Group, Petstock and Bob Jane T-Marts.

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