MI Academy
Melbourne, Australia

MI Academy
Customised Team Training and Consultancy

MI Academy is an award-winning customised team training and consultancy provider. We help established and growing retailers transform their teams’ customer experience (CX) and digital marketing, approach and impact through a unique application-based training method.
We provide value for our customers by offering a sustainable alternative to the traditional route of agency marketing.
We’re not an agency, we don’t set and forget. We fill the gap in the market for in-house capabilities that bind together agency strategy and application with crucial, creative and critical thinking skills.
A common frustration amongst the retail industry is that budget is often stretched by substantial mar-tech investments, teams are restricted by the ‘business as usual’ mode and there’s no space left for strategic and creative thinking. We help flip the switch and get retailers investing in their team first and increasing the revenue generated from mar-tech investments, while creating an unparalleled marketing and customer experience (CX).

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