Mutuality Software
Melbourne, Australia

The new age omni channel digital marketing platform built for retail and the new age consumer.

Mutuality Software is the new single platform solution for powerful digital marketing, customer engagement, social media management and communication that has been purpose-built for retail. The software is a wholistic solution where all customer data and marketing components work well together on a single, easy-to-use platform, providing a seamless experience across all channels and touch points. Built for use by anyone in the retail space, from shopping centre managers and franchises to small business owners.

Conquer the localisation factor

Mutuality’s multi-tenant capability addresses the move to localised shopping. Its local area marketing functions help build community, loyalty and brand awareness. It allows for easier communication and seamless marketing activity and co-ordination between retail groups, franchises and shopping centres. The software is unique in that it allows each store to hold its own secure discrete database of customers independently of each other, and opt into group, franchise or shopping centre marketing initiatives with full security of data. Integrated approval processes allow local stores to run their own local area marketing programs.

Know and understand your customer in detail

One way to ensure success of your business is to listen to and understand your individual customer’s persona in detail. Mutuality tracks the individual customer journey across all channels and touch points. The data is stored in an easily accessible single customer-focused data management system. This system allows retailers to listen, engage and respond to individual customers, their needs and what they expect from the business. Any number of dynamic attributes can be added to a customer profile for understanding the individual persona. Individual messages are now personalised to drive trust and loyalty.

Wholistic marketing campaigns drive transactional growth

Focus on transactional growth-Increased frequency and value. Driving marketing campaigns are a daunting task to busy retail managers and shop owners. But Mutuality’s software allows them to launch and manage campaigns and make offers quickly and easily across any digital and social channel from the one platform. Easy to use templates and tick boxes allow rapid creation and deployment of marketing campaigns.

Real time performance monitoring

Mutuality provides the benefit of real-time performance tracking. Built real time analysis measures campaign results by channel, store, product, segment, etc. Early feedback allows campaign adjustment. All data and results kept in one place. Retailers can now concentrate on the business and not on the tools and save time and operating costs.

Optimise your digital offering

Optimise the digital offering and connect bricks-and-mortar with on-line audience. Mutuality offers an integrated facility to host individual web pages, special catalogues, clearance and seasonal sales, member offers. Full catalogue integration with images, promotion and pricing.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) elevates capabilities. Multiple focused AI capabilities support continuous learning.

Easy to use and cost effective

Mutuality is an extremely easy to use (no IT skills required), highly affordable, all-in-one platform that allows a retailer to compete, grow the brand and maximise ROI.

Reliable and secure

Mutuality is offered as a fully managed software service solution, providing always on operation on secure IBM Cloud. 

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