Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane | North America: Boston (HQ), New York, Toronto | Europe: Berlin, London, Utrecht

What we do:

NewStore provides Omnichannel-as-a-Service for retail brands worldwide that want to accelerate their digital transformation. Built with MACH principles, NewStore is the only mobile-first, modular cloud platform combining omnichannel POS, order management, clienteling, inventory, and native shopping apps into one intuitive offering.

Who we do if for:

Leading retail brands, such as Anine Bing, City Beach, Fossil Group, Lorna Jane, Mathers, Midas, Williams, Mountfords, and R.M. Williams rely on NewStore to empower their employees, optimize their stores, and engage customers like never before. 

Why we do it:

Retail is not what it once was. While it is still fundamentally about selling and buying, the customer journey is no longer linear—there is no clear-cut path to purchase. Consumers do not see in channels; they see one brand and expect seamless experiences whether they are in-store, online, or on mobile.

Our founder, Stephan Schambach, has been shaping the commerce landscape since 1992. From founding Intershop, and building the first integrated ecommerce software package, to putting eCommerce in the cloud with Demandware (acquired by Salesforce for $2.8bn), Stephan is a visionary at the forefront of retail. With NewStore, he is disrupting the industry once again by laying the foundation for the future, and transforming brick and mortar shopping into an app-powered, digitally connected retail experience. 

Our secret sauce:

Amazing Customers | Incredible Technology | Disruptive Mindset | Awesome Partners

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