1a/35 Stennett Road, Ingleburn, NSW, 2565, Australia.

Next3pl provides tailored 3PL services to eCommerce retailers of all shapes and sizes.

The idea behind next3pl was dreamt up more than 14 years ago and started in a small 500sqm warehouse with just a single staff member. The original idea was to provide customers with a solution that takes all of the day to day workload away and allows them the time to expand and grow their business. With eCommerce being a relatively new concept at the time, the initial years were a rollercoaster of learning, adapting and insanely rapid growth (1200% growth in 2008) however, by 2010 we had made our mark on the 3PL space and were now firmly recognised as one of the leading providers in the market segment.

Fast forward to 2021 and we still hold many of the core roots which were imbedded into the business back in 2007, although now on a much larger scale. Currently operating out of a state of the art 20,000m2 facility in South West Sydney, the business has over 100 employees and works with an array of clients ranging from start up’s through to eCommerce giants.

There are plans to continue to push the boundaries in 2021 and beyond as we open up the doors into USA, UK and NZ. All of which will be accessible to our clients through a single software solution and tailored to the client’s needs, as it was from the start.

Next3pl pride ourselves on being not just another logistics business. Our customers are not just another number, we are their partner and give our hearts and souls to every day. We believe this is testament to the success of the business from day one and we look forward to what the future holds for the business and our loyal customers.

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