Olympic Software
Auckland, New Zealand | Sydney, Australia

We are an Auckland headquartered, Australasian software engineering business helping companies take advantage of the power of the Digital Economy.

We have 2 office locations (Auckland, Sydney) and a distributed team of around 60 staff in NZ and Australia. We punch well above our weight in the software industry having produced valuable solutions to very successful New Zealand and Australian businesses and Governmental agencies for more than 30 years.

We provide tools and software frameworks that help our clients’ organisations adapt and take advantage of increasingly digital environments.

Our key platforms:

The Trader ecommerce framework currently supports both Australia and New Zealand’s largest ecommerce sites as measured by revenue. It is designed to connect, sell and transact online providing the means to digitise, personalise, customise and socialise the ecommerce experience. This delivers a highly personal experience to the end customer giving the seller the advantage. Trader is also highly scalable as proven by Woolworths growth from $135m in online sales in 2012 when they first implemented the Trader platform to record online sales of $3.5 billion this year in 2020.

DX2 Digital Business is a collaborative, digital exchange workplace where organisations and their staff can connect to exchange digital data and documents and collaborate on those documents. With DX2, you can digitise your trading relationships, automate processes, connect your team, maximise profitability and better analyse costs and performance.

Go Activity Management is an online, timesheets, expenses and leave solution for large organisations that’s available to staff anytime, anywhere.