Auckland NZ

Olympic delivers software solutions that build business capability. Based in Auckland, we’ve supported clients across NZ and Australia for 30+ years.  Our teams specialise in supporting online trading and digital transformation.  The solutions we offer focus on engagement.  Engagement between people, systems, and data.   The ability to transact digitally in a personalised and collaborative manner are foundation concepts in our solution design.    

Connect, engage, and transact online with Trader.  A dynamic, scalable, and proven Online Trading framework, which is highly modular and extensible. It allows you to lead and respond to the market strategically and promptly. 

Trader focuses on 4 core principles critical to online success – Audience building, Matching of needs, Facilitation of a transaction, and Rules to build trust and maintain quality. The matching process is flexible, it can be driven by personal preferences, data and market strategies.  

Traders powerful rule configuration tool allows our search, site contents, pricing, and promotions to be customised and done at scale.  User journeys can be personalised to deliver targeted content to B2C and B2B customers. 

Backoffice process and engagement is supported by DX2.  A cloud-based platform and shared workspace for the secure exchange of documents and related files, messages and conversations between internal staff and/or external trading partners in a business process. 

DX2 supports full EDI, automates business process, and supports collaboration with your team, suppliers and customers.   

Together Trader and DX2 have your customer engagement and Backoffice execution covered.  This is why clients chose us, we bridge the engagement execution gap. 

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