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Packsize On Demand Packaging® solutions help businesses address their number one packaging problem—waste—by eliminating the need to buy and store pre-made boxes. Our solutions provide a mix of hardware, software, consumables, and services, to ensure we deliver several distinct benefits that drive down costs and improve the financial and labour performance of your packaging operation. On Demand Packaging® systems from Packsize bring you fast, efficient, and highly advanced and automated custom packaging solutions.

Packsize offers a full spectrum of automated packaging solutions that take into account several factors affecting your ROI. Since no two fulfillment centers are alike, we customise your On Demand Packaging® solution to match single or unitised multi-order requirements with our automated solutions. For example, fast fully erected right-sized box production pairs nicely as a downstream solution to create efficiencies in packaging and order picking. Additionally, this advanced technology provides opportunities where a right-sized box can be built as an order approaches a pack station and synchronised with the retrieval and unloading processes.

Excessive packaging negatively impacts the global environment. Undue carbon emissions result from the manufacturing of unnecessary packaging materials, many of which are not reusable. Larger than needed packages shipped, waste valuable fuel resources. Packsize helps your business identify the right-sized corrugated packaging for your products, which in turn contributes to lower carbon emissions and fuel needs. The right-sized package drives a ripple effect on storage, handling, and transportation efficiencies as it travels through the supply chain. Hence proving Smarter Packaging for a Healthy Planet.