Sydney, Australia is the complete solution for accelerating, securing, and scaling your eCommerce store and web applications. Our integrated platform provides all the enterprise features you need for success, without the need for multiple separate services, or pricey extras.

It can be tough to fully understand how to make the most of caching, security, and content distribution features. Having dedicated staff that understand these problems is only available to the largest of organisations. To tackle this Peakhour provides responsive Australian based support, and offers performance and security consulting so you get measurable business outcomes, not just a solution. Our clients say ‘we don’t worry about these problems, we leave them all to Peakhour’.

Peakhour has driven rapid, scalable growth for site owners who no longer have to juggle multiple solutions or cop extra costs for additional features. With our service, businesses can focus on their main game, leaving the hard work of maintaining a speedy, secure, and resilient online presence to us.

Success stories from our clients: saw 150% growth year-on-year after using Peakhour. increased conversions and average order value by 30% after teaming up with us, and now blocks over 20,000 unwanted page requests daily.

• reduced costs by 20% with Peakhour and increased their cache hit rate to 98.9%.

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