Melbourne, Australia

Every day we spend $70 billion dollars online and instore. And, every time we buy something, we are taking a gamble. How will it look? Does it fit? Ultimately we find it difficult to visualize things. For a retailers and brands, this visualization gap increases friction, reduces sales and impacts the overall customer experience.

Plattar is a 3D & WebAR platform that enables retailers to virtually put your products into your customer’s hands through web-based Augmented Reality, 3D viewers and Virtual showrooms.

One place to build, manage and publish 3D & AR experiences.

BUILD: We make building accessible to anyone. Our intuitive no-code tools lets creators build in 3D and AR with ease.
MANAGE: One place for your 3D asset management. Manage, review, share, and analyze the success of your 3D assets.
PUBLISH: One 3D Asset, every touchpoint. One place for publishing 3D viewers, AR web and apps, video and images.

Trusted by: Retailers: The Warehouse Group, Snooze, Brosa, Betta Home Living, Designer Appliances, Optus, Foodstuffs & LVMH Brands: Samsung | SMEG | Breville | Westinghouse | LG | SAAB | Fisher & Paykel | Nespresso | Assa Abloy ASKO | Lion | Red Bull | HPE | Snooze | DFO | LVMH & Cloudy Bay | Brooks

Why 3D & WebAR for your customers?
Google has implemented AR within keyword search – If you don’t have 3D models created and indexed, your SEO will be impacted!
Our retail customers have done split tests on 2D images vs 3D and have seen a 30% increase in conversions from 3D content.

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