Australia and USA

Podium is the all-in-one lead management and communication platform for retailers to drive new business and convert sales faster, smarter, and with the help of AI. Connect all your lead channels to a single inbox, and respond instantly with automated messages. Call and send texts from the web and mobile app, including payment links, review invites, and surveys—every customer experience, managed and delivered from one easy-to-use dashboard. 

We’ve designed the platform to be customisable to your industry and business operations. Whether you’re serving customers in store or taking care of them online, our built-in service features, like review and payment automations, are working right alongside you—all the while generating new leads through Webchat, Reviews, and more at the same time, completely hands-off. Plus, 50+ integrations that means you can keep the tools you already use and automate your existing workflows. 

We’ve seen retail businesses thrive with our solutions. Join the 100K+ businesses using Podium today, and start getting and converting more leads than ever before.