Probe CX
Melbourne, AU

Powered by passion, driven by curiosity, enriched by a purpose to do it better…

As a market-leading CX and digital transformation organisation, Probe CX provides services that change the way you do business through human-led technology and NEXT generation customer experience.

With over four decades of experience, Probe CX has evolved into a leading customer experience management organisation with services that cover every aspect of your customer journey.

Probe CXs’ solutions are about integrating capabilities into deliverable and replicable actions to ensure every customer encounter is exceptional.

With 18,000 team members operating across the Pacific, Asia, North America and Africa, Probe CX can help your organisation design and deploy solutions that utilise their deep knowledge in contact centre and customer management, CX consulting, intelligent automation and analytics. 

Their purpose? To deliver exceptional customer experiences that will, in turn, have a positive impact on your organisation’s reputation, objectives, stakeholders and bottom line.

Owned by KKR and recognised as one of the most awarded providers in the industry, let them help you unlock your potential. 

Team Members
Leading Supermarket Case Study - Learn how one of Australia's leading full-service supermarkets improved their customer support and overall customer experience by introducing digital interventions which helped them achieve: - a 41% decrease in effort to service customer through streamlining the eCommerce-related contact centre processes - 28% shift from conventional voice channel to digital channels.
Retailer Case Study - Discover how a national retailer used natural language processing and knowledge management to lower-cost channels by 11% and increase agent productivity by 10%. By improving internal processes, this business significantly improved customer satisfaction.
Digital Brochure - Learn about CX optimisation, scalable solutions for high-growth businesses and RPA and IVA reengineering.
Critical Success Factors To Fast Track Growth Tip Sheet - Discover how to increase customer loyalty, streamline the customer journey and learn about omnichannel solutions.
The Changing Face of Retail Tip Sheet - Learn about customer-centric solutions, eCommerce strategies for improved CX and omnichannel solutions.
Digital Transformation Trend Report for Retail - Learn why annual spending on AI in retail is set to surge in 2022, how retail businesses can invest in digital to better meet the market, and which key trends are set to dominate the retail industry this year.