Progress Retail
Chicago, USA & Sydney, AU

One-Liner 1: a retail operations and learning platform.

One-Liner 2: a modern retail employee experience platform, built for retailers by retailers.

Fact: Progress Retail’s retail partners decreased their employee turnover 61% in one year on aggregate after first year of implementation.

Blurb: A true one-stop-shop for retail operations and learning: providing dynamic learning, task management, and company communications. An employee experience platform (EXP) that bundles renowned retail education in areas of sales training, leadership development, personal development, and more- creating increased engagement and productivity.

Story: Progress Retail was founded in Australia in 1989 by Terry Hawkins, a renowned retail education architect- who’s masterful learning systems combined personal development and growth with retail sales and leadership skills. With over 100k alumni globally, the company launched its retail operations and learning platform in late 2017, bundling comprehensive learning and training with a unique retail operations and learning platform that assists in decreasing employee turnover, increasing engagement and productivity.