Quantium Solutions
395 Pembroke Road, MINTO NSW 2566 AUSTRALIA

Quantium Solutions is one of Australia’s major end-to-end logistics providers – delivery, mailing, warehousing and fulfilment. Owned by Singapore Post, Quantium Solutions operates in 19 markets and is a key logistics market leader in the Asia-Pacific. It enables major e-commerce companies – including some of Australia’s largest fashion, health nutrients and beauty brands – to move their products around the world. Our focus enables us to deliver a logistics service that is scalable, flexible, reliable, sustainable and cost effective. With our comprehensive systems covering domestic, international, B2B and B2C servicing – the opportunities are endless for growing ecommerce market.

As part of Quantium Solutions sustainability charter in 2019 we invested in two machines to package ecommerce orders in card board boxes and satchels. The cardboard boxes and satchels are fully recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Sustainable practices are embedded in all of fulfilment operations, modelling innovative ways to maximise social and environmental value to support greater environment. The investment by Quantium Solutions in this technology places our organisation in a strong position to meet the demanding requirements of the eCommerce fulfilment market.

Quantium Solutions is ideally positioned as the gateway to Asia for Australian e-commerce businesses wanting to reach the world’s largest e-commerce market. With fulfilment centres around Asia Pacific, including in competitive and lucrative markets like Singapore and Malaysia, Quantium Solutions helps Australian e-commerce businesses expand in Asia. With our well-established delivery eco-system and full suite of customised fulfilment and delivery solutions, we are the leading end-to-end delivery provider in the Asia-Pacific region.