Resonate Solutions
Sydney, Australia

Resonate’s mission is to make organisations increase revenue, grow market share and gain sustainable competitive advantage through real-time customer experience management.. Resonate’s provides end-to-end experience management from design to strategic customers insights powered by a world class customer experience management platform and years of experience in the space. Resonate CX platform allows organisations to capture and manage customer and employee experience feedback in an effective way, providing easily actionable insights for everyone from the frontline to the C-Suite.

1. Capturing Omnichannel Feedback
The Resonate CX platform allows organisations to engage with their customers at the right time through the right channels. Its contextually created dynamic surveys allow to frame questions through cognitive learning and utilise advanced machine learning to create smarter surveys leading to high response rates and rich data.

2. Closing the Loop and recovering a bad customer experience
The teams can view the feedback received for the experiences that they delivered, details of the interactions, operational details of the experience and get greater context. The platform prescribes which customers may need a call back in order to maintain and grow loyalty – all through a single CX portal. This helps organisations empower their frontline with the ability to better understand the experience, recover it and drive loyalty.

3. Discovering Strategic Insights to Drive Competitive Advantage
Resonate’s analytics engine allows organisations to understand the ‘Why’ because the customer experience scores. It empowers leaders to understand the effectiveness of customer initiatives, pain points and where potential investments may be required. It includes text analytics engine that classifies and groups the feedback to uncover the hidden trends in customer comments , this is brought together with other experience data to better understand the drivers of customer sentiment.

Resonate has proven experience in partnering with leading organisations and managing CX and EX programs including organisations in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, and US. The joint goal of the partnership is to deliver impactful business outcomes based on continuous customer experience insights.

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