RTB House
Level 14, 77 King Street Sydney

RTB House is a global company that provides state-of-the-art marketing technologies for top brands worldwide. Its proprietary ad buying engine is the first and only in the world to be powered entirely by Deep Learning algorithms, enabling advertisers to generate outstanding results and reach their short, mid and long-term goals.

Founded in 2012, the RTB House team is comprised of 700+ specialists in over 30 locations across the globe: Sydney, New York, London, Tokyo, Singapore, São Paulo, Moscow, Istanbul, Dubai and Warsaw. It serves campaigns for more than 1,600 clients across EMEA, APAC and the Americas regions.

With an internet population of nearly 1.5bn people, APAC has enormous potential for retargeting technologies. That’s why we develop our own in-house solutions as we expand into new markets. Launched in 2018, the AI Marketing Lab provides an environment to advance MarTech solutions, while the Creatives Lab improves the overall performance of creatives. Get involved at the sharp end of innovation and be a part of our journey as we ultra-tailor new products to APAC client’s specific branding needs.

Team Members