Sydney, Australia / San Francisco, USA

Sajari was founded in 2018 in Sydney, Australia with a simple mission:

Enable every organisation to create smart search experiences.

Initially focused on creating a better search for websites, Sajari today powers millions of searches across the private sector and government clients. Among them:

… to name a few.

Leveraging business data and user behaviour analytics, Sajari is able to continuously improve the search experience to maximise online store conversion and revenue. Machine learning capabilities developed over the past 3 years enable Sajari to optimise product rankings based on user behaviour all the way from the initial search to checkout.

Sajari is used by retailers of all sizes. From small Shopify stores to marketplace giants like Catch. Working closely with our customers, we continue to improve and innovate to create the best e-commerce search and discovery experience in the market. The results speak for themselves.

After switching to Sajari, Catch has seen its conversion rate improve by 10% compared to the highly optimised implementation of a market leading competitor. That number has been growing since. Sajari achieved these results by using a combination of machine learning and internal business expertise to determine the best algorithm tailored to Catch’s business.

Sajari’s ambition is to provide a holistic search and discovery solution that is easy to implement for retailers and putting the latest advancements in machine learning and AI at their fingertips. Enabling retailers to create personalised experiences for their customers while optimising for their business goals.

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