Sydney, Australia

Powering delivery for Australia’s leading retailers like Sephora, UNIQLO, Cue and General Pants, Shippit is a powerful shipping engine that saves retailers time, money and provides better experiences for delivery recipients. By simplifying omnichannel fulfilment, Shippit takes the guesswork out of shipping decisions and enables retailers to own their entire customer journey, from purchase through to delivery.

Whether it’s Standard, Express, Same Day or International Delivery, Shippit gives retailers instant access to discounted carrier rates making it easy to offer multiple delivery options at checkout. For every single delivery sent using Shippit’s discounted shipping services, we’ll offset 100% of the carbon emissions at no extra cost. Shippit’s carrier allocation algorithm enables automatic carrier selection for route optimisation and recommends the most cost-effective packaging configurations for each delivery. Shippit helps retailers pack faster and ship smarter through streamlining processes around documentation and generating labels and automating dispatch activities.

When it comes to the customer experience, Shippit’s tracking engine allows retailers to deal with crises and monitor delivery checkpoints with ease. Our delay avoidance technology proactively detects and corrects issues that cause delivery delays before they turn into problems. Consistent tracking events across all carriers, smart email and SMS notifications, means retailers can deliver a seamless, high-touch, on-brand experience.

Combining automation and intelligence, Shippit helps retailers of all sizes to simplify their shipping so they focus on scaling their business.

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