What is ShopCall?

ShopCall is the first phygital one-to-one video shopping channel offering business owners the chance to communicate with customers via a video call and sell their products online by simply using their smartphone or tablet.

ShopCall significantly improves the online shopping experience and adds that personal touch. The videocall gives customers the chance to enter the shop virtually, look at the products and feel as though they’re being served and advised by the retailer, just as if they were actually there. All without leaving their home, simply clicking on a link or scanning a QR code!

ShopCall is also extremely easy and intuitive for retailers to use. Just install the app, select your settings and start selling!

Why ShopCall?

ShopCall is a real retail revolution!

It’s a remote sales service able to offer a truly rewarding buying experience, maintaining the human aspect of contact and a relationship built on trust between customer and retailer.

It’s a fact that people’s lives have changed radically during the pandemic and digital – in all its many dimensions – has become the New Normal.

eCommerce has grown massively, but numerous studies tell us that consumers don’t like the loss of the human relationship one would expect to find in a physical shop, which encourages purchases and boosts customer loyalty.

What is certain is that even once the pandemic is over, nothing will be like it was before. New shopping methods will have become established and retailers who have embraced the digital revolution, enhancing it with quality and the human touch, will not be left behind.

What are the benefits?

ShopCall is a win-win solution. On the one hand, retailers will benefit from increased sales, turnover and customer loyalty and satisfaction, offering an innovative and personal service. On the other, customers will enjoy a unique, digital shopping experience, which also offers that human touch.

How to get started?

Nothing could be easier or more economical! Until February 2022, ShopCall can be used free of charge by retailers who request it through NORA. They will therefore have the opportunity to appreciate its ease of use and its huge potential to support their business.

To start using ShopCall, simply register via this link using the Partner code NORA and download the iOS or Android app. At the end of the registration procedure, every retailer will be given a unique personal link. By clicking on this link or scanning the associated QR code, customers will be able to start the videocall with the shop directly from their smartphone or PC without having to download anything.

What could be simpler!

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