Sydney, Australia is at the forefront of a new ecommerce trend, Headless Commerce.

We have developed a platform that connects with your existing website that can create 1000s of new points of sale for you through “shoppable content”

Shoppable content is when one or several products are placed into an image or short video and turned into a transactable landing page with its own unique link. This becomes a new point of sale as it can transact money and processes the information regarding inventory deduction and order information back to your existing website dashboard (no redirection).

This enables to advance online retail forward in 3 ways:

  • Just like the real world online is made up of millions of different places with different interests. Having your products able to be purchased in more than one place will increase awareness and overall sales.
  • You can incentivise customers and influencers to create these new places (shoppable landing pages) and share their links to any message service or social media platform.
  • Your store is featured in our marketplace and your products can be purchased in one checkout alongside other retailers products (a group cart checkout) making it far more desirable for the customers as they only go through one checkout for all retailers. The system separates the orders and processes them back to your existing dashboard.

Founded and developed in Australia our goal is to showcase the best of Australian retail empowering you for the next generation of online shopping.

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